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Descendants of the poet Agrippa d'AUBIGNÉ

The d'Aubigné family was directly linked with the religious events that occurred during the two last centuries of the monarchy in France. That is the cause of the large dispersion of the family, from Agrippa, died in Switzerland.
Then, the members of the family emigrated or just took refuge in the protestant countries of Europe at that time: Switzerland, Netherlands, Great Britain. Some other ones were converted to the Catholicism, as Mme de Maintenon or Agrippa II, who lived in the Alps, in Grenoble.
But another cause of enigma about this family is due to the particular customs of the nobility class. Then, Agrippa I and Charles (born 1634) had several children from some illegitimate unions.
The destiny or the lives of some members remains obscure: e.g. Theodore II, born 1626;Tite, born 1634; Tite II, born l672, married with a Dutch woman whom name is unknown; David, born 1674; and the sons of Agrippa II, Pierre, captain of navy, born after 1665; Francois, born 1689, officer of navy who had probable a son (name unknown) born in about 1713 and who studied at the college of Beauvais, close to Paris, in 1733. These are the possible parents of some unknown or illegitimate children whos destiny remains unknown precisely because of their bastard origin.

Théodore Agrippa d'AUBIGNÉ born 8 February 1552, Pons (Saintonge),married (1) 6 June 1583, in Chavagne, Suzanne de LUSIGNAN de LEZAY, born 1562, died 1595,married (2) 22 April 1623, in Geneva (St-Pierre), Renee BURLAMACHI, born 25 March 1568, Montargis, died 6 September 1641, Petit-Saconnex (Geneva), (3) (illegitimate union with), Jacqueline CHAYER, also known as: Jacquette born about 1559, died 1636, Geneva. Theodore died 9 May 1630, Geneva .

. Agrippa d'AUBIGNÉ (son of Theodore Agrippa d'AUBIGNE and Suzanne de LUSIGNAN de LEZAY) born 1584, died about 1597.

         II. Constant d'AUBIGNÉ (son of Theodore Agrippa d'AUBIGNÉ and Suzanne de LUSIGNAN de LEZAY) born 1585, Knight,married (1) 3 September 1608, in La Rochelle (Temple), Anne MARCHANT, died 13 February 1619,married (2) 27 December 1627, in Bordeaux, Jeanne de CARDILLAC, born 1611, died 1650. Constant died 31 August 1647, Orange. Lord of the Landes Guinemer, baron of Surimeau. Equestrian, governor of Maillezais. Gentilhomme de la chambre du roi. Imprisoned several times and lastly appointed "vice-king" of the islands Marie-Galante. Anne: Died assassinated.
A copy of his will is available at the French national library, department of the manuscripts, fonds d'Hozier, pieces originales 123/41.

    A. Theodulphe d'AUBIGNÉ (son of Constant d'AUBIGNÉ and Anne MARCHANT) baptized on 9 August 1609, La Rochelle (Temple). Died as a young child.
B. N.. d'AUBIGNÉ (son of Constant d'AUBIGNÉ and Anne MARCHANT). Died young child.

    C. N.. d'AUBIGNÉ (son of Constant d'AUBIGNÉ and Jeanne de CARDILLAC). Died as a young child.

    D. Constant d'AUBIGNÉ (son of Constant d'AUBIGNÉ and Jeanne de CARDILLAC) born 1629, died 1646, Niort. Died drowning.

    E. Charles d'AUBIGNÉ (son of Constant d'AUBIGNÉ and Jeanne de CARDILLAC) baptized on 3 June 1634, Niort,

    (1) (illegitimate union), Anne GAREE, also known as: GAREY

married (2) 23 February 1678, in Paris, Genevieve PIETRE, died 4 November 1728,

(3) (illegitimate union with), N,

(4) (illegitimate union with), N„,

(5) (illegitimate union with), N.. de LA BROSSE, in Paris.

Charles died 25 May 1703, Vichy. Count of Aubigné, Lord of Surimeau. Lieutenant at the regiment of Mazarin (1655), captain at the regiment of Royal Cavalry (1671), governor of Amesfort in Holland, Netherlands (1672-1673), commandant of Elbourg (1673), Belfort (1674), Governor of Cognac (1677), Aigues-Mortes (1678), Berry (1691). Knight of St-Esprit. Maintained in nobility in 1667. Anne: from Belfort.

      1. Charles d'AUBIGNÉ also known as: Charlot (son of Charles d'AUBIGNÉ and Anne GAREE) born about 1676, died 1717. Dit le sieur de La Ferté. Raised in Maintenon, appointed in the navy in Brest then as director of the servants of Saint-Cyr (1689). Embarked in Brest on the boat Le Conqubrant (1690). Died without marriage, according to the genealogist of the King, d'Hozier.

    2. Francoise Charlotte Amiable d'AUBIGNÉ (daughter of Charles d'AUBIGNÉ and Genevieve PIETRE) born 1684, married 31 March 1698, in Versailles, Adrien Maurice de NOAILLES. Francoise died 6 October 1739. Adrien: Duke of Noailles, Marechal de

      3. Toscan d'AUBIGNÉ (son of Charles d'AUBIGNÉ and N..). Died at about 7 years old, raised by Madame de Maintenon in Vaugirard since 1672.
(note) Godfather: Agrippa d'Aubigné, his grandfather
.       -

      4. N.. d'AUBIGNÉ (daughter of Charles d'AUBIGNÉ and N..) born in Belfort. A daughter.

5. N.. d'AUBIGNÉ (daughter of Charles d'AUBIGNÉ and N.. de LA BROSSE) born about 1702, Paris. A daughter.

      F. Francoise d'AUBIGNÉ (daughter of Constant d'AUBIGNÉ and Jeanne de CARDILLAC) born 27 November 1635, Niort, baptized on 28 November 1635, (catholic), married (1) 4 April 1652, in Paris, Paul SCARRON, born 1610, died 1660, Equestrian, Lord of Fougerest, Beauvais, La Riviere. Poet. Married (2) 9 October 1683, in Versailles, Louis XIV de France, born 16 September 1638, St-Germain-en-Laye, died 1 September 1715, Versailles. Francoise died 15 April 1719, St-Cyr. Marquise de Maintenon (1674). Without descendants.

      III. Henri d'AUBIGNÉ (Son of Theodore Agrippa d'AUBIGNÉ and Suzanne de LUSIGNAN de LEZAY) died about 1597. Died as a young boy.

  IV.  Louise Arthemise d'AUBIGNÉ (daughter of Theodore Agrippa d'AUBIGNÉ and Suzanne de  LUSIGNAN de LEZAY) married 22 October 1610, in Maillezais, Benjamin LE VALOIS, born1582, Equestrian, died 1661. Louise died 24 January 1663, Mursay. Benjamin: Lord of Villette.Posterity.

    V. Marie d'AUBIGNÉ (daughter of Theodore Agrippa d'AUBIGNÉ and Suzanne de LUSIGNAN de LEZAY) born 1586, married 5 December 1613, in Niort, Josué de CAUMONT, Equestrian, died 30 June 1650, Niort. Marie died 1624. Josué: Lord of Adde.

  VI. Nathan Engibaud d'AUBIGNÉ (son of Theodore Agrippa d'AUBIGNÉ and Jacqueline CHAYER) born 16 January 1601, Nancray (Gatinais), baptized on Gergeau (Temple),
married (1) 6 July 1621, in Geneva, Claire de PELLISSARI, born about 1600, died 1 September 1631, Geneva,married (2) 13 May 1632, in Geneva (Vandoeuvres), Anne CRESPIN, born 1602, died 22 April 1651, Geneva,
married (3) 19 December 1652, in Geneva (St-Pierre), Elisabeth HUBERTARY, born about 1604, died 26 April 1684, Geneva. Nathan died 11 April 1669, Geneva. Legitimated. Dit le seigneur de La Fosse en Saintonge. Doctor in medicine in Fribourg en Brisgau (1626), then in Geneva were he was received as Bourgeois (1627). Known as mathematician, astrologer and surveyor.
   (note) La Fosse is probably a nickname (there is no land with that name in Saintonge). In his first contract of marriage he was qualified as an ecuyer (equestrian). That was the basic title of nobility, but it is improbable for him, as he was a bastard. He was also defined as « seigneur de la Fosse Saint-Ange or de Saint-Onge », that probably means « coming from the Saintonge. » (Cf. Généalogie d'Aubigné, by Gagnebin, keeper of the manuscripts at the Geneva University library).

    A. Nathanaël d'AUBIGNÉ (son of Nathan Engibaud d'AUBIGNÉ and Claire de PELLISSARI) born 6 April 1622, Geneva, married 18 July 1656, in Petit-Saconnex (Geneva), Anne DUBOIS, born 13 October 1635, Geneva, died 21 December 1703, Geneva. Nathanael died March 1691. Merchant.

    1. Anne d'AUBIGNÉ born 14 June 1657, Geneva, married 6 March 1677, in Geneva (St-Gervais), Jean ARDOUIN, born about 1652, Perruquier (wig maker), died 5 September 1723, Geneva. Anne died 25 February 1724, Geneva. Jean: 5 children.

      2. Elisabeth d'AUBIGNÉ born 18 February 1660, Geneva, died 14 April 1722, Geneva. No child.

      3. David d'AUBIGNÉ. born 1663, died 2 June 1733. "Imbecile" (idiotic). Died without marriage.

    4. Sara d'AUBIGNÉ born 18 October 1665, Geneva, Nun., died after 1733.

5. Judith d'AUBIGNÉ born 4 May 1667, Geneva, died 15 August 1671, Geneva.

6. N.. d'AUBIGNÉ born 19 May 1670, Geneva, died 19 May 1670, Geneva.

7. Daniel d'AUBIGNÉ born 23 June 1671, Geneva. Died when young, without marriage.

      8. Tienette Elisabeth d'AUBIGNÉ born 20 August 1673, Geneva, died before 1733. Nun in Ste-Marie-de-Lyon

    9. Pauline Sara d'AUBIGNÉ born 20 March 1675, Geneva, died 1 May 1676, Geneva.

10. Esther Elisabeth d'AUBIGNÉ born 10 May 1676, Geneva, died 9 November 1676, Geneva.

    B. N.. d'AUBIGNÉ (daughter of Nathan Engibaud d'AUBIGNÉ and Claire de PELLISSARI) born 17 November 1624, Geneva, died 17 November 1624, Geneva.

    C. Theodore II d'AUBIGNÉ (son of Nathan Engibaud d'AUBIGNÉ and Claire de PELLISSARI) born 18 June 1626, Geneva. Captain of cavalry (1657). Probably died without marriage.

    D. Marie Francoise d'AUBIGNÉ (daughter of Nathan Engibaud d'AUBIGNÉ and Claire de PELLISSARI) baptized on 28 September 1628, Geneva (St-Gervais), married 23 February
1658, in Geneva, Francis DUBOIS ', baptized on 26 February 1626, Vevey (Temple). Francis: Posterity.   
   E.  N.. d' AUBIGNÉ (son of Nathan Engibaud d' AUBIGNÉ and Claire de PELLISSARI) born 3 March 1630, Geneva, died 3 March 1630, Geneva.
(note) Berthoud, « Un petit-fils d'Agrippa d'Aubigne » in Museé de Neuchâtelois, VIII, Neuchatel 1871. 

 F.  Jean d'AUBIGNÉ (son of Nathan Engibaud d' AUBIGNÉ and Claire de PELLISSARI) born 2 August 1631, Geneva, died after 1669. Probably died without marriage. 

  G.  Samuel d'AUBIGNÉ (son of Nathan Engibaud d' AUBIGNÉ and Anne CRESPIN) born 20 January 1633, Geneva, died 11 March 1633, Geneva.   

HTite d' AUBIGNÉ (son of Nathan Engibaud d' AUBIGNÉ and Anne CRESPIN) born 31 January 1634, Geneva, married 16 September 1667, in Neuchatel, Esther de MONTMOLLIN. Tite died 1688, Neuchatel. Received doctor in medicine in Valence, France (1660). Naturalized citizen of Neuchatel (1666). Doctor of the princess of Neuchatel, received Bourgeois (1678). Councilor of state of Neuchitel (1680), became engineer of the Etats Généraux des Provinces-Unies and lived in the Netherlands. '    

         1. Cornelia, d'AUBIGNÉ also know as Eugéne, died after 1728.   

  I. Georges Louis d' AUBIGNÉ (son of Nathan Engibaud d' AUBIGNÉ and Anne CRESPIN) born 15 March 1635, Geneva, married 4 June 1681, in Geneva, Madeleine SARASIN, born 12 November 1637, Geneva, baptized on 22 December 1637, Geneva (St-Gervais), died 4 March 1695, Geneva. Georges died 11 April 1717, Geneva. Received doctor in medicine in Valence, France (1660). Doctor in Geneva. Died withou child.

 J.  Jacques d' AUBIGNÉ (son of Nathan Engibaud d' AUBIGNÉ and Anne CRESPIN) born 15 January 1637, Geneva, married 15 February 1667, in Grenoble (St-Hugues), Marguerite BERTON. Jacques died before 1715. Mathematician and philosopher. 

             1. Marie d' AUBIGNÉ born about 1667, married Francis Louis TOURNIER, died before 1739. Marie died 5 May 1739, Geneva. Francis: fiom Valleyres, bourgeois of Grandson.   

    K. Samuel II d'AUBIGNÉ (son of Nathan Engibaud d' AUBIGNÉ and Anne CRESPIN) born 5 July 1638, Geneva, Bourgeois de Geneva, married 16 August 1668, in Geneva (Vandoeuvres),Elisabeth LESAGE, born 1638, died 30 January 1732, Geneva. Samuel died 26 September 1710, Renan (Jura Bernois). Pastor.

1. Judith d'AUBIGNÉ born 4 June 1670, Geneva, married Jacob BRANDT. Judith died 3 June 1748, Geneva. Without descendant. Jacob: from Neuchatel. 
(note) About this family see: Notice généalogique et historique sur la famille Dubois de Vevey et ses alliances avec la famille d'Aubigné 1656, 1658, Geneva, 1883.

               2. Tite II d'AUBIGNÉ born 29 January 1672, Geneva, married in Berg op Zoom, with a Dutch woman. Military engineer of the Netherlands, came back to Geneva in 1711. One claims that he was the father of Jacques (James) d'Aubigné emigrated to New Scotland / Nouvelle Ecosse (1753) from whom the descendants are named BIGNEY in Canada and USA (improbable).

        a. Isabelle Cornélie d'AUBIGNÉ married (improbable), Francis-Louis FAIGAUX. Francis-Louis: from La Haye

      3. David d'AUBIGNÉ born 11 April 1674, Neuchatel. Probably died when young.

        4. Esther d'AUBIGNÉ born about 1677, Renan (Jura bernois)?, married David FAIGAUX, also known as: FAIGOT Pastor. Esther died 25 February 1750, Geneva. 3 children. David: from Sonvilliers, Jura bernois.

           5. Joseph d'AUBIGNÉ born Renan, Jura Bernois (?), married N.. BRANDT. Joseph died 1722. Citizen of Geneva.

      a. Elisabeth d'AUBIGNÉ, also known as: Babet born 1720, died 1792. Not married.

        6. Georges Louis II d'AUBIGNÉ, born 2 September 1680, Renan (Jura Bernois), Bourgeois of Geneva, married 14 January 1718, in Geneva, Jeanne Lucre DUFOUR, born 18 August 1696, Geneva, died 24 March 1778, Geneva. Georges died 5 April 1732, Geneva.

        a. Charlotte d'AUBIGNÉ born 11 March 1719, Geneva, married 14 February 1740, in Geneva, Georges Daniel ARGAND. Charlotte died 3 February 1776, La Fusterie. Posterity.

        b. Elisabeth d'AUBIGNÉ, born 31 December 1720, Geneva, married 28 April 1743, in Geneva, Francois MERLE. Elisabeth died 24 December 1780, Geneva. Posterity.Francis: Manufacturer in silk in Nimes, received bourgeois of Geneva (1743). This branch took the name of MERLE d'AUBIGNÉ. Some of them emigrated to USA inthe early XIXth century.

        c. Louise Aimée d'AUBIGNÉ born 9 February 1722, Geneva, married 15 February 1756, in Geneva, Jacques PLAN, Watchmaker. Louise died 9 February 1790, Nimes. 5 children.

        d. Eleonore d'AUBIGNÉ, born 9 September 1727, Geneva, died 14 August 1786, Geneva. No marriage.

        e. Lucréce d'AUBIGNÉ, born 28 October 1729, Geneva, married 5 February 175S, in Geneva, Pierre EYNOUF, Master Watchmaker. Lucréce died January 1794, Geneva. Last of the d'AUBIGNE. 3 daughters.
    L. Agrippa II d'AUBIGNÉ (son of Nathan Engibaud d'AUBIGNÉ and Anne CRESPIN) born 22 September 1639, Geneva, married 6 February 1665, in Grenoble (Temple), Isabeau CLAVIERE, died 1725. Agrippa died 27 December 1712, Grenoble (St-Louis). Marchand-confiturier (jam-maker) in Grenoble (1664). Abjured to be catholic (1685). General inspector of the supplies in Grenoble (1690).
(note) According to Dictionnaire de Moreri. See also the article « Le petit-fils d'Agrippa d'Aubigné a Grenoble », in Petite revue Dauphinoise bibliophilique et litteraire, 2º annee, Voiron, 1888, pp. 10-11.(7)

1. Jeanne d'AUBIGNÉ married 1696, Joseph BONNARD. Joseph: Public prosecutor at the  Parliament of Grenoble. 5 children.

      2. Pierre d'AUBIGNÉ. Captain of navy.
(note) Not quoted by the article above but by Moreri.

3. Suzanne d'AUBIGNÉ. Nun, died after 1735.

4. Elisabeth d'AUBIGNÉ died 2 July 1713, Grenoble.

      5. Jacques d'AUBIGNÉ, born 1684. Officer of a regiment of navy (1704). Wounded in Cassano. Major of the castle of Salses in Roussillon, Knight of St-Louis. No marriage.
      6. Louise d'AUBIGNÉ baptized on 23 May 1686, Grenoble (catholic), died 30 January 1769.

        7. Francois d'AUBIGNÉ also known as: Charles, baptized on 16 July 1689, Grenoble (catholic), died after 1733. Officer of navy (1706). Major of the fort of Sedan (Ardennes). May be had a son, born in 1713, student at the college of Beauvais (Oise, in the North of Paris) in 1733, No marriage.

      M. Jean-Jacques d'AUBIGNÉ (son of Nathan Engibaud d'AUBIGNÉ and Anne CRESPIN) baptized on 11 August 1640, Geneva (St-Pierre), died 3 July 1662, Geneva. No marriage.

          N. Anne d'AUBIGNÉ (daughter of Nathan Engibaud d'AUBIGNÉ and Anne CRESPIN) baptized on 12 April 1646, Geneva (St-Pierre), married Franqois LESAGE, Equestrian, died 15 August 1687, Couches. Anne died 24 February 1734, Geneva. Merchant. She emigrated temporarily in Great Britain in 1684. Francois: Lord of La Colombiére, close to Couches (Burgundy). At least 7 children.


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Åge Skjelborg

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