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Albert Rasmussen Gunner Ballegaard Lindvald Christensen

You are listening to a midi version of a folk tune, typical for this particular area.

Folk-musicians in trouble

Living music in a subculture. Musical aspects of one of today's enlarged townships


The tunes on the midi-files are living music among people in an enlarged township, Nørre Djurs county in Djursland, Eastern part of Jutland, Denmark, where the general social changes create some problems for the dance musicians, still active.

The too fast rythm of supply of the mass media, especially considering that the commercial music, which is spread in this particular way, aims more and more at a "folk" appeal, that involves making pop songs and dance tunes after a simple (or simplified) popular pattern.

The musician's possibility of influencing the mass media music, he has to play, is turning less. Instead he plays for folk dance groups with their particular, necessary intimicy. This contributes to new developments in the local music, though the dance muicians are more constantly going back to a repertoire of old, traditional, local tunes.

The music of the midifiles, transcribed from soundfiles and magnetic tapes, show in which way a folk-fiddler and a popular musician from the same area but of different generations try to solve their special musical problems of interpretation. 

The folk music of the midi-files therefore expresses the intimite social situation of a small, local Danish society and its musical subculture.

Åge Skjelborg, April 2003

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