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The family of nobility of Guillaume DAUBIGNY escaped the persecutions and horrors 1689 of the French protestants when they were living in Aunis, Saintonge, Charente Maritime. They arrived via Belgia in all safety in Kassel, Hessen, Prussia in August 1690 and was registrated in the community of the Evangelical Church of Kassel.

The first son of Guillaume DAUBIGNY was called Vilhelm, a synonym for the French Guillaume. Dr. Vilhelm DAUBIGNY married June 10, 1719, Sophie Margaretha Hassenbach who was daughter of a local official.The couple called each of their sons, Johann Franz and Johann Jacob, after their maternal grandfather and greatgrandfather.

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D'AUBIGNY family, Abterode, Hessen, Prussia.

On the 10 June were married the Dr. DAUBIGNY of Cassel and Sophie Margaretha, the youngest daughter of the official HATTENBACH. She has given birth to a child previously. They had paid their repentance fees and were married in the church
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Born on the 7 June was Frantz, son of Dr. DAUBIGNY of Cassel and he was christened on the 11 June 1719. His parents were married after he was born and the mother is still in "child bed". Witness was Johann Frantz HATTENBACH (mothers relative)
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Born on the 10 Oct 1720 was Anna Christina, daughter of Dr. D'AUBIGNY.
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Born on 9 Aug 1723 and christened on the 18 Aug 1723 was Johann Jacob, son of Dr. D'AUBIGNY. Witness was Johann Jacob HATTENBACH, official (Probable the maternal grandfather)
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On the 29 oct 1721 was born and christened on the 2 Nov 1721 Frantz, son of Dr. D'AUBIGNY. Witness was Dr. SCHOTT of Cassel.
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Evangelische Kirche Abterode, Hessen, Prussia
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